Sunday mornings

When you come along to Portrack on a Sunday morning, you’ll always get a warm welcome! 

We’re still living our way into what church looks like for us now, having spent over a year meeting exclusively online. During that time, we appreciated how our worship became more multivoiced, with lots of people joining in and sharing their experiences of life with God. We have been trying to hold onto this as we gather together in person, enjoying the potential for creativity and interaction that meeting together in person has brought. 

At the moment the children are staying in with us through the service, and we are trying to plan worship that persons of every age can engage with. We love hearing from the children and enjoy worshpping alongside of them!

Safety measures

 We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month. For now, we are using individual servings of bread and wine but still finding the experience to be worshipful!

Our services are a little shorter at the moment, and our windows are open for ventillation so you might want to bring an extra layer on chiilly days! 

We’re asking people to wear masks to move around the building and to sing, but when you’re in your seat you can feel free to take your mask off if you feel comfortable doing so. We have plenty of spare masks at the ready for anyone who needs one. 

Our seats are still slightly spaced out, but in a semi circle so that we can see each other and interact together.


 If you have any questions about what church looks like at the moment, or would like to let us know you’ll be joining us, you can get in touch with us via the form below. 


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